At Sidney Sound & Hearing Services, we offer a comprehensive suite of audiology services. Our specialists are dedicated to helping you hear better and live better. From consultation and evaluation to hearing aid programming, repair, and everything in between, we can provide a massive quality of life upgrade if you have hearing loss and help you keep your hearing healthy if you don’t.

Our practice offers:

Hearing Evaluations

We use a variety of tests to check your hearing. We’ll be able to tell you:

  • If you have hearing loss
  • What type
  • To what degree

Getting a hearing evaluation is a critical first step in treating your hearing loss. If you believe you have hearing loss, make an appointment today.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids are modern marvels, but even the most reliable technology can break down. When it does, we can help. We’ll repair your hearing aid and get it back to you quickly so you can go on enjoying your life.

Custom Hearing Protection

You wouldn’t send your employees onto the factory floor or into the field without safety gear, and you wouldn’t send them out without ear protection either. Our practice can consult on how best to meet the hearing safety needs of your company.

Ear Impressions

Custom earmolds and hearing aids shells are derived from ear impressions taken individually from each patient’s ear.