The Importance of Annual Hearing Exams


One thing that many people overlook when it comes to their health is their hearing. Annual hearing exams are an important part of taking care of yourself. Your hearing c­­an affect your well-being. When you have an ear exam, we can identify problems and correct them before they become a larger issue. If you do have hearing loss, prompt treatment can keep your quality of life excellent.

Hearing Loss Can Occur Over Time

Hearing loss will often occur over a long period. In some cases, you may not notice that you have hearing loss because your brain has adjusted. Having an annual hearing test can help you to learn if your hearing loss is deteriorating. If you already have hearing loss, regular checkups will help you to not lose more of your hearing.

Preventing Future Health Concerns with a Hearing Test

Your hearing helps to connect your entire body. Hearing loss can be due to other health conditions. This can include things like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. An annual checkup can help you and your doctor to determine whether you have any health issues like this. Hearing loss associated with these conditions is due to swollen blood vessels. When the blood vessels are swollen, your heart will not be able to pump enough blood into the inner ear. This is what will result in hearing loss. Preventing and treating these conditions will help lessen the risk of hearing loss.

The Effects of Hearing Loss and Brain Health

Having hearing exams can help to prevent issues with memory and brain health. When you cannot hear everything, your brain is not receiving the right information. This can cause an issue with your memory. Because of this, it can cause dementia and cognitive decline. Having a test for hearing issues can help you to prevent any brain issues as you get older.

Helping Happiness with a Hearing Test

Having an annual ear exam can help you to prevent negativity in your life. When you cannot hear well, you may feel self-conscious and even embarrassed. This can lead to depression and can even cause social isolation. Keeping up with an annual exam will help to ensure that you have happiness in your life.

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At Sidney Sound and Hearing, our hearing care specialists are here for your annual ear exam. If you have any issues with your hearing, please schedule an appointment today. Even if you do not think you have any problems with your ears, you might. Seeing a hearing care specialist once a year for a test will help to ensure that you have no problems in the future.