Signs of Hearing Loss You May Not Know About


With hearing loss, people expect their hearing to go away, or that it will become muffled. But, there are many unknown signs of hearing loss that can affect you.

Muffled Children’s Voices

One unknown sign of hearing loss is that children’s voices will be unclear or sound muffled. This is because the cells that detect high-pitched sounds are generally the first to fail. You may also not hear things like crickets chirping at night, or hear your microwave beep.

Not Being Able to Follow Conversations

Another unknown sign of hearing loss for some people involves background noise. In a busy place, background noises drown out the conversation of the people right beside you. For example, if you go to a noisy restaurant, you may find yourself struggling to hear what the people near you say. Some people might think this is normal, but it is a sign that you may have an issue with your hearing.

Social Events Exhaust You

If you become exhausted after a social event, it could be a sign that you have some issue with your hearing. When you cannot hear well, your brain works harder to try to focus. The more your brain focuses, the more tired you will be. If you experience this, it is a good idea to see a hearing care specialist.

You Watch People’s Lips

If you tend to watch people’s lips to help you understand what they are saying, you may have hearing loss. This is the brain trying to make up for not being able to hear well.

Clogged Ears

Having a clogged ear every so often is normal. This can happen due to allergies, colds, or wax build-up. If you experience a clog, it is a good idea to visit your doctor. If your doctor tells you that your ears are clear, it is a good idea to get a hearing test. Age-related hearing loss can start as a clogged ear feeling.

Turning the Volume Up

If you always turn the volume up on your television or radio, you may be experiencing hearing loss. You may notice that you have to crank up the volume to hear what the characters are saying. Check with the people in your house to see if it is an issue with the television volume. If they can hear it at a normal volume with no issues, it is time for a hearing test.

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